Panthom Engineering was an early adopter of drone technology from back in 2018 when we craved the efficiency and accuracy that drones would enable us to provide during engineering inspections.

Since then, Panthom Engineering has continued to deploy drones across all engineering applications. 

Through utilizing drones our engineers have eyes in the sky. Thus, we are able to collect data faster, safer and more accurately. 

Outside engineering applications, Panthom Engineering’s drone passion also extends to cinematography. 


Structural inspections require great control of remote aircraft when flying in close proximity to expensive structures.

Panthom Engineering’s registered pilots are able to efficiently and safely navigate in and around any workspace; through internal storage facilities, under bridges or around building infrastructure.

Engineering inspections:

The high resolution imagery and thermal data we collect from the sky, compliments the accuracy and efficiency when conducting structural inspections. Drone data features prominently in all our reports, including any influential & significant reports.

Drone engineering services include:

- Solar panel effectiveness inspection

- Structural defect inspection

- Insulation efficiency

(heat and cooling loss)

- Roof Inspections

- 3D modelling / mapping 


Panthom’s extensive flying experience gained through structural inspection, along with our creative graphic design background has proven to be the perfect match for action photography and videography. Our drone photography started in the Australian outback, photographing expert off - roaders and scenic sites. Since then Panthom has photographed large construction sites and over 150+ structures across Victoria. Panthom also completes realestate drone photography, along with site plans and floor plans upon request.

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At Panthom Engineering we are always pushing the boundaries and keeping up to date with technological advancements to ensure that we are one of the leaders in Structural and Civil Engineering.

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